Company Profile

We would hereby like to introduce ourselves as one of the region’s rapidly growing supplier since 1998, in last 30 years we have made a mark in supplying copiers, fax, printers & scanners of various brands.

We provide our customers with regular quality services, interim calls at any time leaving them hassle free so that they can continue to do what they do at best and make better decisions

We also provide them with a utilization cost, and customer satisfaction reports so that they are well informed.

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Management is experienced and has a proven track record of successful accomplishments

Key member of the management team have held prior management positions at companies and his track record of successful accomplishments gives staff added confidence in the company’s ability to properly execute quality, flexibility in its business strategy enabling the staff to focus on business results.

The management has worked hard to improve efficiency and keep operating costs to an absolute minimum yet has achieved a level of success.

Also that the management maintains dedicated sales and support team who have years of hands on experience and are intimately familiar with the trends and challenges of the market.


If you are ever going to save money when is the best time – NOW

We offer a comprehensive range of financing options which allow our customers to acquire equipment on the terms that match their current objectives.

We don’t dictate terms to our customers, we listen and recommend a tailor made solution.

We can design a finance package from client to client.

We are constantly searching the market to ensure our customers receive the best rates available, this makes us very competitive in our market and gives added value to our customer base.

If you are part way through an existing contract we can settle your current commitments now and offer new terms  which will either show improved costing or allow you to obtain better suited equipment to your current needs, there is no need to be tied into an unsatisfactory

contract we can re-negotiate a better package for you today,

This part of our business is a principle area of expertise, it allows our customers to take advantage of the latest products and services now.

This enables you to have a contract which you are in control of with options to either rent – lease – purchase or buy over variable terms.